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Services & Pricing

Bumble salon is a custom colored salon. Priding itself on tailoring each guest hair color to their every day lives and their individual hair needs.

At this time, we do not offer stand alone haircut services. However, all services include a haircut.

Traditional Blonding 

Full Highlight 


Color Services

Lived In Color Services


Services are all inclusive, the only reason for a price increase would be if extra product is needed. Haircut, gloss, and root tap are included in prices above.

For my Lived in Color Services; all first time services are a Full appointment. This is so we can create the perfect canvas to move forward with.

Following your first service we will alternate between an Express service and Partial services.

An Express service is traditional touching up your money piece, a fresh gloss, and a haircut. You leave feeling revived and ready for another 6-8 weeks.

A Partial service is your full hairline refreshed along with the top portion of you hair. You leave feeling ready to take on the world, and I look forward seeing you in another 10-12 weeks!

A Full appointment is your whole head and is only meant to be serviced once a year unless we are actively working towards a new look that requires sessions or if you cut your hair and we need to rework your color story!



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