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Hey Love,

I'm Amber!

Specializing in Lived In, Effortless Color

Are you a lover of everything nature and the beach? How about animals and kids? Does your perfect day consist of a day at the beach with all your friends and then coming home to a good BBQ and some drinks?! If so, I think we may just be besties! Favorite food? Mine is any kind of fruit or vegetables! You can find me grilling them up during the summer time, they are a staple at my dinner table!

"My favorite thing about being a hairstylist is... helping clients fall back in love with coming to a salon."


Let's be honest, for me its my day job. It is what I love to do. But for a guest it can be so scary to find someone new. My clients tell me all the time that it is worse than finding a new doctor, can you imagine that!!



I love when I can re-build that trust with clients, where they love coming into the salon again!

I joined hair school at the age of 16! Originally, I wasn't even sure I wanted to be a hairstylist when I joined, and I even thought I might just do it to pay the bills while going to college. However, after graduating high school and in the same year graduating from college with the ability to do hair I decided I was going to put everything I had into doing hair! Like everyone else I started off doing every service until I found my passion in the world of hair. Lived in color! I love that my job allows me to make real and genuine connections with my clients. 

When I am not at work you can always find me with my dogs, Amelia and Harper, either at the beach or out in the woods. I am blessed beyond belief to be married to my wonderful husband. We welcomed our daughter to our family in 2021. And, she is the biggest blessing of them all. We love spending our time out on the water or working on projects within our home. I am an avid book reader, Netflix binger, and lover of all things empowering. If you need encouragement, or motivation then I am your girl!

When you sit in my chair, I am not just your new hair bestie but also your new life bestie! I want to help give you hair that you love, that only requires you to come to the salon in the amount of time of your choosing! You want to come every 6 weeks, we can do that or if you want to come every 6 months, then we can do that as well! I also want to be the person that roots you on! Little secret power of mine... I have a killer memory when it comes to clients. However, if I get to talking and lose my train of thought.. well lets say I am not so good at remembering what I was saying! I want you to feel like my salon is a safe space for you. That when we close that door, you can release whatever has been weighing you down. I want you to walk out feeling like a new person, and not just because of your new color, but because you feel rejuvenated deep within your soul! 

About me
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